Brand new song and video ”Dragonheart” taken from the forthcoming full-length ”Sword and Sorcery” (Stormspell Records release date 1st November 2015)

Picture taken from the recording session of new album ”Sword and Sorcery” studio Paradox 2015


Stormspell has delivered three brand new songs from the forthcoming full-length ”Sword and Sorcery” for pre listening:

Númenor has signed a deal with Stormspell Records (USA). Our second full-length entitled ”Sword and Sorcery” will be released at 1st November.


Members of Númenor are just finishing recording and producing of the second full-length ”Sword and Sorcery” in Studio Paradox. Some songs are written in the way of the debut full-length, while few of them have a new, more epic style so to say. Slobicus Doomicus has done marvelous cover for the brand new issue.  Many titles are already known as: Dragon of Erebor, The Oath of Feanor, Dragonheart, The Prince in the Scarlet Robe, Bane of Durin, The Arcanist, Sleeping Sorceress…


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